Case Study

TGI FRIDAYS employee advocacy campaign to introduce new burger flavors.

TGI FRIDAYS provides a highly recognized western dining experience in Taiwan. TGI FRIDAYS wanted to let their customers know they had updated their burger offerings with exciting new choices to appeal to both new fans and old. Positioned around the concept of July being “Burger Month”, social media and in-store promotions by restaurant staff were used to get diners to promote the new TGI FRIDAYS burgers.


The Challenge

To transform TGI FRIDAYS staff and customers into advocates by sharing their new burger experiences with their friends and family.


The 天天FRIDAYS mobile app (iOS and Android) was promoted to diners to incent and reward them for creating fun, in-the-moment and authentic TGI FFRIDAYS burger-branded content

The campaign included:

  • Specific burger themed promotions in the TGI FRIDAYS Taiwan 天天FRIDAYS mobile app to generate Social Word of Mouth (SWOM)

  • Nationwide coverage in all 13 TGI FRIDAYS restaurants

  • A TGI FRIDAYS branded burger-shaped cut-out POP/ visual aid for staff promotion and content creation activity

  • Digital Promotion via TGI FRIDAYS Facebook Page – including a FB ad campaign

SWOM Results

TGI FRIDAYS staff were able to convert a significant portion of in-restaurant customers to post creative, authentic and personal content to their own Facebook accounts promoting FRIDAYS restaurants to their own friends and families via Social Word of Mouth

SWOM for TGI Fridays:

3,126 guests posted unique and highly personalized photo content about their burger experience at TGI FRIDAYS
85,634 positive social engagements were generated directly from these posts
1.39 million impressions/social recommendations generated directly from the posted content

TGI FRIDAYS staff and restaurant diners used the app to take photos with their burger-shaped cutouts for a chance to win a variety of burger related prizes.

People know FRIDAYS has great burgers, but getting them to realize we had a whole new selection of choices was a new kind of challenge. Getting the restaurant front of house staff involved and activating our guests produced amazing results
Jeff Lee Managing Director, TGI FRIDAYS (Taiwan) Inc.